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Technology grows and we are more and more exposed to sources of high and low frequency electromagnetic radiation such as power lines, cellphones, internet or electronic devices that surround us every day.

Electromagnetic pollution is a big concern for all of us since the exposure to electromagnetic fields may cause harmful effects on human health. There is no unanimity about the limits to this exposure, but its effects can seriously damage our health.

Among others, the IARC* and WHO* studies warn about its influence on sleep quality and rest, and on the possibility that it may negatively influence our well-being, our fertility, as well as increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Electromagnetic radiation can be either low or high frequency. The low frequency radiation is caused by electricity and it mainly comes from the house wiring. The high frequency radiation is caused by cellphone antennas or WIFI routers.The arrival of the 5G technology will mean the installation of thousands of new high frequency antennas.

Our StopRadiation Fabrics will protect you from radiation. They are a new generation of smart fabrics with high and low frequency electromagnetic field screening properties. They do not block the signal of the telephony devices, but they protect you from the direct radiation of the antennas.

They can be used both domestically and in the public and have certifications attesting to its fire-resistant and antibacterial properties.

Main benefits of our StopRadiation fabrics

Better quality of life: Our fabrics for curtains, upholstery and walls will protect us both at home and at the office from the negative effects of the electromagnetic fields to which we are exposed every day.

Deep sleep: They will prevent the disruption of the natural processes of our body while we sleep, which affect brain functions, DNA repair and the total recovery of our cells.

Natural environment: They protect us from the harmful effects of technology without sacrificing its advantages.

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