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KAPI-SPACHIS INTERIOR DECORATION DEVELOPMENT I.K.E >> is the exclusive importer in Greece of fabrics, curtains, furniture and decorative products with the distinctive feature / trademark KA-INTERNATIONAL which are manufactured by << Francisco Jover S.A >>.

KA- INTERNATIONAL in collaboration with internationally renowned designers manufactures in its factories in Spain collections of fabrics of exceptional quality and durability inspired by many and distinct cultures and cultures according to modern decoration trends.

The 300cm wide curtain collections consist of linen, semi-linen, cotton, PES, as well as Sound Proof full blackout (blackout Fr) full blackout curtains certified by AITEX.

We produce upholstery fabrics with Easy Cleaning SR treatment with water and slow-burning Fr in impressive geometric, linear, floral patterns as well as fabrics inspired by Boho and Ethnic cultures that add a magic to the decoration of the house.

You can decorate your outdoor living room, your garden or your pool with pillows and fabrics In & Out with UV specifications of very high color resistance to the sun as well as waterproof fabrics in chlorinated and sea water suitable for poof, sunbeds, yachts, sailing, .

We make high quality vinyl wallpapers (mural & rolls) in classic and modern designs that are easy to install and remove.

At KA- INTERNATIONAL we launch a collection of technical fabrics with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are able to reduce the number of coronavirus particles that come in contact with the textile surface, in order to reduce its spread.

We produce Wave Proof fabrics that protect from the radiation of wifi sockets and from the radiation of electrical mechanisms by covering the mattress of reclining electric beds, suitable for hotels and hospitals.

Professional Line Collection bed linen for Yachting, Boutique Hotels

Indoor and outdoor furniture in modern and classic designs that beautifully decorate your space
In addition to the floor and ceiling lamps that we manufacture in Spain, KA-INTERNATIONAL can cover the caps of your lamps with its fabrics.

KA-INTERNATIONAL SERVICE is specialized in the installation of curtain rods, Roller blinds and Roman suspension mechanisms which are available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Our experienced upholsterers can replace your wall wallpaper, undertake the reconstruction of your furniture and the replacement of their worn fabrics.

Our sewing workshops manufacture patterns for sofa covers, indoor pillows and waterproof outdoor areas.

For the sewing of curtains and shading fabrics (blackout) we use various seams (trucks, wave, etc.) in modern and classic designs.

At you can see the timeless collections of fabrics and handmade furniture KA-INTERNATIONAL, discover the new collections, while our interior designers can perfectly arrange and serve your space.

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