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Tanger Textures Collection

TEXTURES INFLUENCED BY BERBER TEXTILES Berber style textiles with elegant coarse textures and easy-to-clean with water properties. Mellah, Merkala and Merchan fabrics are available in a wide palette of neutral shades complemented by warm and cold colours.

Nahón Collection

JACQUARD FABRICS Upholstery fabrics with easy-to-clean with water treatment whose geometric patterns are influenced by tales of a palace. Nahon is an elegant textile with ornamental style and geometric design of intertwined diamonds. It is available in three shades: blue, beige, grey and black. It is complemented by Noor, a floral design in blue and grey colourways, and Medina, an…

Mesket Collection

OUTDOOR FABRICS A selection of outdoor fabrics comprised of geometric patterns and elegant textures. Colour range includes bright and lively shades made for summer time. Moreover, they feature UV colour protection treatment that allows their direct exposure to sunlight. Particularly remarkable are fabrics Mesket with a classically inspired geometric design and Agadir with an original texture built by the combination…

Medersa Collection

FLORAL, STRIPED AND GEOMETRIC DESIGNS Medersa is a modern floral design printed on a viscose-linen fabric available in three main colours: blue, coral and grey. It perfectly matches new YORK fabrics, that are jacquard patterns of diamonds, stripes and plain textures in grey, beige and aqua offered in 3 meters width.

Tanger Plain Collection

ESSENTIAL FABRICS WITH TEXTURES AND KEY COLOURS The essential plains that complete Tánger collection are Golf, Boulevar and Kai fabrics. They are a state-of-the-art proposal of easy-to-clean with water textiles perfect for upholstery. They are complemented by Riff Bouti fabric in a variety of colours. It is a pleated fabric with washed effect made to delight the lovers of plaids…

Tanger Collection

KA International by Tomás Alía

Tanger Textures

Textures inspired by Berber textiles




Jacquard fabrics

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