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SKU: LECAB-Carcassonne120x180x10037282082

Carcassone head lining with fabric [Maya] ( in pink, a fabric that is easy to clean with very durable water (over 30,000 cycles) and suitable for intensive uses (high traffic areas). The best ally in homes with children and pets! Product made in Spain. [Measurements] (# collapse collapseMeasures) Measurements: 180cm (length) x 10cm (width) x 120cm (height) [Shipping] (# collapseDelivery) Shipping Cost: Door-to-door transfer is included in the product price. At home! Estimated time: 10-12 working days. [Custom furniture] (# collapseDelivery) In our online store you will find a small selection of our furniture. You have our entire collection of furniture in stores. Choose your furniture and upholster with the KA International fabrics that you like the most (choose from all our fabrics!) And this best suits your style and needs. Our furniture is made for measurement and ordering in Spain and Portugal. For more information, write to [Liquidation report, last unit!] (# CollapseDevolutions) This Carcassone headboard is a unique model, headquartered in Cocentaina and is the latest unit. As it is a product under liquidation, returns are not accepted.

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