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Ka-international launches a collection of sound absorbing fabrics with fire retardant properties, aimed at improving acoustics in public spaces.

They are of various types, from light and transparent structures for curtains, to velvets and dark for curtains and upholstery, in widths up to 300 cm. We also offer fabrics with applied foam for wall siding and paneling.

According to the tests carried out by AITEX and in accordance with the UNE-ISO 10534-2: 2002 standard, the maximum values of the acoustic absorption coefficient in normal incidence at different frequencies, from 100 Hz to 3150 Hz are:

Oscurante plain FR

dimount 0.85

Oscurante plain FR SoundProof

dimount 0.92

Oscurante Rumba FR

dimount 0.95

Oscurante Kairo FR

dimount 0.94

Opaco FR

blackout 0.95

Luxor uni FR

linen like 0.95

Kairo plain FR

linen like 0.96

Cellini FR Soundproof

chenille 0.98

Velour FR SoundProof

velvet 0.99

Glasgow FR SoundProof

wool like 0.98

Etamin Denver FR SoundProof

sheer 0.63

Velour FR SoundProof Foam

velvet 0.91

Glasgow FR SoundProof Foam

wool like 0.95

  • Excellent > 0.90
  • Very good > 0.80‎
  • Good > 0.60
  • Regular 0.30
  • ‎Bad > 0.10
  • ‎Unclassified < 0.10

Flame retardant properties with respect to EN13773 and other international standards are also certified by ‎‎AITEX‎‎.‎

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