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SOFA Surrey Romina Plus

καναπές τριθέσιος κλασικός
SURREY extralarge Sofa Features: Length 225 Depth 0.95, Height 0.90, Seat height 0.52, Seat depth 0.65

The Surrey sofa is upholstered in Romina Plus fabric from the Arles collection, a classic style piece, timeless with a beech frame and wooden contour legs in a natural color, upholstered in a fabric that is easily cleaned with water and is very durable.

SOFA Sidney Romina Micro

καναπές κλασικός
SIDNEY three-seater Sofa Features: Length 216 Depth 100, Height 0.93 Seat height 0.44, Seat depth 0.70

The Sidney sofa combines the comfort offered by its wide pillows and the decorative minimalism that defines the character of its timeless design. Its skeleton is made of beech. Coated with Romina Micro fabric that is easy to maintain and clean only with water, it is ideal for areas with children and pets!

SOFA Sete Trevi

καναπές μοντέρνο design
SETE three-seater Features: Length 234 Depth 100, Height 0.84, Seat height 0.45, Seat depth 0.61

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Sete is upholstered in Trevi fabric. Its wooden frame is made of beech while its legs are made of solid wood of square type in natural color. It combines comfort with elegance. The fabric of Pulsar Plain is easily cleaned with water.

SOFA Split Maya 57

καναπές κλασικός
SPLIT three-seater Features: Length 200 Depth 0.95, Height 0.88 Seat height 0.46, Seat depth 0.61

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The Split sofa fits in modern spaces. With a characteristic design of long pillows on the seats and backs offers comfort and relaxation. It is lined with upholstery fabric that is easily cleaned with water and has a very durable texture. .

SOFA Singapur Vellum

καναπές μοντέρνο design
SINGAPUR three-seater Sofa Features: Length 225 Depth 0.90, Height 0.88 Seat height 0.40, Seat depth 0.64

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The SINGAPUR sofa is upholstered in Wind Plain fabric in beige. Its legs are made of solid wood in walnut color. Its skeleton is made of beech. Comfortable thanks to its wide pillows it will fit perfectly in your space.

SOFA Soren Trevi Plain

καναπές μοντέρνο design
SOREN three-seater Features: Length 230 Depth 0.99, Height 0.81 Seat height 0.48, Seat depth 0.62

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The Soren sofa, characterized by straight lines that match modern trends, is made of beech frame and its conical legs are made of solid walnut wood. Its deep cushions offer extra comfort is upholstered in Trevi Plain fabric that is easily cleaned with water

καναπές κλασικός
SISTRIA three-seater Sofa Features: Length 230 Depth 0.90, Height 0.74 Seat height 0.45, Seat depth 0.70

καναπές ανάκλινδρο
Casablanca Armchair Features: Length 1.65, Depth 0.85, Height 0.78, Seat height 0.45

SOFA Sidney Chaiselongue Boulevar Texture

καναπές μοντέρνο design
SIDNEY Chaiselongue Sofa Features: Length 251 Depth 100, Height 0.93, Seat height 0.44, Seat depth 0.70

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The SIDNEY corner sofa offers comfort thanks to its wide cushions and adapts to all spaces since the direction of its corner can be changed. Its beech frame is very durable and is lined with a fabric that is easily cleaned with water.


καναπές μοντέρνο design

The SEUL sofa has wide, comfortable pillows ideal for relaxation. The special design of the sofa allows us to add or remove parts of it, turning it into a corner and adapting perfectly to your space since there is the possibility to change the direction of the corner. Its upholstery fabric is flame retardant, extremely durable and easy to clean with water.

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KA-INTERNATIONAL sofas are made in two-seater, three-seater, three-seater extralarge and corner.

You can choose the fabric that suits your space from its timeless or new modern collections.
The new easy cleaning SR upholstery fabrics are water resistant, the fire retardant fire retardant FRs are internationally certified and the waterproof waterproof fabrics have a 20 year warranty.

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